Department News

8/27/15 - Congratulations to Kirsten Egerstrom, who successfully defended her PhD thesis, "Practical Identity and Meaninglessness."

7/8/15- Congratulations to Adeyemi Adediran, this year's winner of the Peterfreund Prize.

6/30/15 - Congratulations to Amy Massoud, whose paper "Moral Worth and Supererogation" has been accepted for publication in Ethics. See article on SUNews.

5/19/15 - See attached article on Philosophy Department graduate student publications/presentations.

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Faculty News

Photo of Ben Bradley

Philosopher Ben Bradley explores how well-being is defined, measured.  Read more about Ben Bradley's new book...



Aug./Sept. 2015

Thad Metz (Johannesburg), August 18, 4pm, 018 Eggers
"New Philosophies of Social Protection: Comparing the Capabilities Approach with Ubuntu"
Alston Lecture, Keith DeRose (Yale), September 5, 500 Hall of Languages
"Acceptance in Philosophy and in Religion"
Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy Workshop: September 18-20