Placement News

2017 Placements
Sean Clancy, East China Normal University (TT). Yishai Cohen, University of Southern Maine (TT). Andrew Corsa, Lynn University (continuing non-TT). Nicole Dular, Franklin College (3-year). Kendall Fisher, Seattle University (TT). Ryan Hubbard, Gulf Coast State College (TT). Li Kang, Vassar College (2-year). John Monteleone, LeMoyne College (TT).
2016 Placements
Rich Booher, De Anza College (TT). Mihnea Capraru, Nazarbayev University (continuing non-TT). Travis Timmerman, Seton Hall University (TT). Preston Werner, Hebrew University (TT).

Student News

6/22/17 - James Lee successfully defended his dissertation, “A Metaphysician's User Guide: The Epistemology of Metaphysics”

5/23/17 - Kendall Fisher successfully defended her dissertation, “Thomas Aquinas on the Metaphysical Nature of the Soul and Its Union with the Body”

5/1/17 - Miquon Jackson has won the Philosophy Department's 2017 Peterfreund Prize.

4/18/17 - Nicole Dular successfully defended her dissertation, "Knowing Better, Reasoning Together"

4/5/17 - Dante Dauksz and Arturo Javier Castellanos have been selected for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards.

3/10/17 - Sean Clancy has won the Mary Hatch Marshall Award for best paper by a graduate student in the Humanities for his paper "Psychopaths, Ill-Will, and the Wrong-Making Features of Actions".

2/21/17 - Kendall Fisher's paper, "Thomas Aquinas on Hylomorphism and the In-Act Principle", has been accepted for publication in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy.

11/7/16 - Sean Clancy's paper, "Psychopaths, Ill-Will, and the Wrong-Making Features of actions", has been accepted for publication in Ergo.

10/21/16 - Sean Clancy successfully defended his dissertation, "What Counts as Desiring the Actual Good".

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Faculty News

Mark Heller has won a 2017 Excellence in Graduate Education Award, and Paul Prescott has won a 2017 Meredith Teaching Recognition Award.

Ken Baynes has been named William P. Tolley Distinguished Teaching Professor for 2016-18. Story here.

Sam Gorovitz has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by Upstate Medical University. Story here.

Chris Noble (PhD Princeton 2009) has been hired as Assistant Professor beginning in Fall 2016. Noble specializes in ancient philosophy, especially Plotinus.

Fred Beiser has been awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit by the Federal Republic of Germany for his contributions to German-American relations. See story here.

Philosopher Ben Bradley explores how well-being is defined, measured.  Read more about Ben Bradley's new book...

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